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Babyliss Pro Curl V’s curls made with Straighteners

Hi there!

So it’s Tuesday morning and my friend Gemma and I are having a coffee, putting the world to rights and we have decided that we are going to road test the Babyliss Pro Curl, which is my new toy!

Babyliss pro Curl
We are also going to compare the curl and durability to that made by the straighteners, which is my curling method of choice. I personally feel that the straighteners make a beautiful curl, so I’m going to be pushed to be converted to the Babyliss Pro Curler!Review



We have started by curling half of the head with the straighteners, which for me took no time, so one Brownie point to my trustee straighteners! Gemma: I struggle to curl my hair with the straighteners myself, I get half way through then my hands start aching! The straighteners did make a nice curl, when done by Charlotte.


Then we curled one half with the Babyliss Pro Curlers, this took longer as you have to wait for it to beep when each curl is ready. We were however like kids in a sweet shop watching it suck the hair into the chamber, even to the extent that we were showing our toddlers claiming ‘Mummy can do magic!’ Gemma: I really liked this curl, it was more definate, there was more volume, and it was more fun to use. I tried it myslef and i was so impressed by how easy they are to handle.
babyliss pro curlOnce the novelty factor passed, we continued to scrutinise the product. To be honest we were struggling to find any negatives. The only time we raised our eyebrows at it was the occasional time that it snagged the hair, I think this is all down to practice with the product. This product is designed to be used by the customer themselves, so the handle is in the right position for the chamber (it’s important to have one particular side facing the head). This makes it hard for someone  to use on somebody else as the angle is different. However I did get into the swing of moving myself into the right position for different angles of the head. Besides, I could do with the exercise!


In this picture the hair is curled with the straighteners on the left and the pro curler on the right.

So the verdict on Babyliss Pro Curler V’s curls made with the straighteners:

We love the softness and sleekness of the curl made with the straighteners, perhaps better for layered hair as it can smooth the top layers so they don’t stick out at the sides.

For more curl and volume we would definitely recommend the Babyliss Pro Styler- easy to use, relatively quick (quicker that tongs), creates an even curl, looks great once fingered through and dressed out.


Now I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t then use these beautiful curls to create a lovely hair style, so here are a few pics of Gemma’s hair after I had got carried away!

photo 6

photo 13

photo 7

Happy Styling!!

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